About Greenback Consulting

Greenback Consulting was founded in May 2007 as a resource for young investors. The company currently specializes in the stock and options markets; but plans to expand into commodities and currencies in the future. Greenback provides free investment and trade ideas through its blog and offers personalized investment advice at a reasonable cost.

Rob Pitingolo, Executive Consultant:
Rob began trading in early 2007 and has shown impressive results in such a short period of time. He specializes in stocks and options and focuses primarily on energy, retail, and financial sectors. Rob considers himself a swing and position trader, generally holding position for days, weeks, or months, but rarely more than one year. As a young trader, his trading strategy could be considered moderately risky, but not reckless by any means. Rob currently uses primarily fundamental research in his trading, but is increasingly using technical analysis to enhance his trading.

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Interested in Blogging?
Greenback Consulting is looking for young traders who are intersted in blogging about various trading ideas. If you are interested please contact Rob.

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